I have been using pellican to generate and maintain my blog sinces its inception and it has been mainly fine. However after getting a new machine and starting to fiddle with a new post I started noticing things such as installation being far from optimal and it no longer generating a functioning site after updating pellican.

After an update all line-breaks in code-segments just got removed, did I configure something wrong, what to do to fix it? Don’t know and Im not really keen on finding out.

This looked like a perfect time to try out something new and since hugo seems to be the “hottest thing around” I went for that…

And such a treat it was! As the title states, the hardest thing of this migration was to actually select a theme I liked (ended up with harbor by Masaya Watanabe as you might see :))! Everything else was just a smooth. Things such as:

Simply a treat to work with!

Don’t think I have anything else to add and I hope to be able to roll out some more “meaty” posts in the future. I have one in the making that has been sitting, waiting to be completed, since christmas that I hope to publish soon.